Ceramic spoons are often used. What is the use of the small holes in the spoon h

Time: 2018-12-29 11:15:37

There are a lot of friends who like to use ceramics to ridicule. The more careful friends should notice that the tail of the ceramic spoon will have a small round hole. What is the use of this small round hole? Let's talk to you about this little hole here.

Conjecture of the role of small holes in ceramic spoon

Guess one: In order to facilitate the suspension, many friends have not paid special attention to this small hole, and have not done too much research on its role. Many friends think that this small hole should be used to hang the spoon. Designed, for example, the large stainless steel spoon used for soup in the home will have a small hole on it. This hole is designed to hang the unused spoon.

Guess 2: In order to save space when firing ceramic spoons, many friends said that ceramics such as ceramic spoons are made of ceramics when making large objects, in order to burn a few spoons. When reducing the area occupied, put a small hole in the tail of the spoon, in order to save space when hanging the spoon in the kiln during firing.


Conjecture 3: Historical reasons, some friends who have studied history have said that in the past, materials were scarce, and daily necessities such as spoons need to be carried around, and for the convenience of carrying, people would make a hole in the tail of the ceramic spoon. If you can, you can directly hang the spoon on the waist with a rope, and you can have tableware at any time when you go out to eat.

What is the role of the small hole? 

Regarding the several conjectures mentioned above, many of my friends agree that they are true. Let's take a look together.

The first is conjecture. In order to facilitate the use of the post-suspension, this is indeed the first role that can be thought of. Sometimes there are friends who will hang up the ceramics, but this situation is limited to the use in our homes. In the process, there are so many ceramic spoons in places like restaurants. No one will suspend them at all, and ceramics will be easily broken, so they will not be hung up. So the possibility of this statement is very low.


Conjecture 2, saving space when burning, this statement may be not known to some friends, which is mainly related to the ceramic spoon firing process. The ceramics need to be pulled, dried, glazed and then fired before firing, so the ceramic bowls we usually use are generally very smooth and bright, but the bowls at the bottom of the bowl will be rough because of the firing. When the base is not glazed, it will not be very smooth. The same is true. If the spoon does not hang from the bottom during the firing process, it will be rough. However, this situation does not occur when hanging up, and the most important thing is that because the shape of the spoon is special, if the spoon is fired in a flat manner, it will be very occupied, but if the spoon can be hung up Burning can save a lot of space. The possibility of looking at the second guess is still very large.


The third conjecture, historical reasons, this needs to look at the history of the development of the spoon, the spoon was first invented by the ancient Chinese in the new era of seven or eight thousand years ago, but most of the spoons at this time Made with the bones of the beasts, and after continuous polishing, the original form of the spoon is also presented. Many unearthed spoons in the original period always have a small hole in the handle of the spoon. This hole is designed to facilitate the carrying of primitive humans. In the Sui and Tang Dynasties of our country, the commercial development was very good. There were many restaurants on the street, and the supply of spoons in these restaurants was not enough. When you go out to eat, you usually bring your own tableware, and the spoon will be tied to the waist with a rope. Over time, the practice of leaving holes in the spoon has been passed down. So the third guess is also possible.